L.A. Summer Glow - Scented Body Oil

L.A. Summer Glow - Scented Body Oil

Oils of the World

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Size: 2oz / 60ml

100% Pure and Natural Ingredients
Deeply hydrating. Skin tightening.
Always wear with sunscreen.

*For a deliciously fresh & dewy glow

Strengthens hair, Hydrates skin, Smoothing exotic oil for skin and hair


The fragrant plant oil infusion envelopes the skin in a satiny, protective veil of moisture Infused with a refreshing fragrance that awakens your senses. Your skin will appear softer, smoother, & wonderfully petal scented.

Monoi De Tahiti is a sacred beauty oil of the island of Tahiti, created from coconut oil that's strictly from coconuts that are grown in the coral-rich soil of Tahiti, and Tiare flowers for 14 days, the fragrant flowers are intensely macerated in the oil strict guidance a to uphold the highest purity and authenticated.  

A beautiful melange with real flower petals that contains absolutely no artificial fragrance or ingredient, yet can be worn all over the body for exquisite and refreshing scent as well as healthy skin glow.

This delicious fragrant oil is an amazing indulgence that's a great moisturizer and massage oil for your skin, leaving your skin hydrated, firmer and delicately scented of Tiare flowers. with only a few drops you can make hair stronger, smoother and more luxurious.

Safflower Oil, Avocado Oil, Monoi Oil, Grapefruit oil, Rosemary extract, Ginger oil, vitamin E, Fragrance (100% pure blend of therapeutic grade essential oils).

Naturally Active Plant Ingredients:
Rosemary extract: Powerful antioxidant. Tonic, purifies and cleanses all skin types.

Its nutrients help protect skin cells from sun damage and free radicals. Natural antiseptic properties, it's a superior disinfectant to detoxify skin and hair. Is known to promote a healthy, moisturized scalp and reverse premature graying for hair.

Natural Vitamin E: A powerful antioxidant to repair free radical damage and improve skin elasticity and hydration.

Special features: No Nasties (no paraben, no phthalate, no paraffin liquidum, no GMOs, no animal derived ingredient, no colorant, no sulfate, no artificial fragrance), Vegan

How to Use

Massage mindfully into entire skin after shower before you apply you fragrance for the day. Massage slowly but deeply onto skin in the evening for a delicate relaxation. It can be worn on its own or rather layered with your favorite beautiful scent.

Wellness Tips:
No time for a spa massage? Create your wellness cocoon daily at-home, as you take the time to mindfully indulge in a full body self-massage. Proceed as soon as your come out of the shower, with your skin still slightly damp for the maximum hydration benefit.
Put a few drops of oil on the palms of your hand, rub them together, then gently, but deeply massage and hydrate your overall body. For additional wellness benefit, relax and practice deep breathing for a healing and regenerative daily moment. 


Our fragrant products do not contain any preservatives or chemically derived fragrance ingredients. Please store in a cool, dark place for maximum freshness and potency.

2 oz.
Glass bottle with dropper.

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